We Are Almost Ready for Launch

Faidd is an upcoming mobile application that will act as a centralized advisor for novices to reach specific financial goals. To help reach your goals, Faidd will include:

  • social network aspect
  • gamify specific financial topics
  • educational resources
  • %D Days

    %H Hours

    %M Minutes

    %S Seconds

    Why Faidd?

    The idea of Faidd came about when talking to some peers about finances and realized there was a lack of knowledge. We want to raise awareness to the lack of financial education within our schools and homes.

    Beta Users

    If you wish to become a beta user, please contact us at our email or reach out to us @faiddfinance on Instagram and Twitter.We'd be happy to hear from you.

    Be a Part of the Change

    If you know anyone who this app is for, let them know Faidd will be beta launching June 30th